Rules and guide to the forum

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Rules and guide to the forum

Post by Admin on Mon Jun 22, 2015 2:31 pm

Welcome to the town and the forum! The town is ever growing and projects are getting larger and more complex requiring more man power to accomplish in a shorter amount of time. So me and the other leaders of the group set out to make something that allows a better flow of conversation and project ideas.


-Do not attack another member accept ideas and discuss how you disagree in a professional tone.

-Do not double post if you do please delete the duplicate post

-If your idea isn't original give credit to the inventor!

-Have fun and enjoy!

Guide to the forum


Your idea that you will be building or help building

When starting a post for a project please put [Unapproved Project] In the title a master builder or above will approve your project and allot land to your project. In order for your project get approved please include the the size in square blocks and the amount of supplies it will require (NOTE: Blocks tall does not matter) Also include pictures or videos that are the idea or something like it.

Filling out all this allows miners and etc. to gather and allot supplies. A Master builder or above will set-up a supply drop off location for the build on the land allotted to the project. Once the project is approved by a master builder or higher your post will be main discussion area for the build and will be denoted [Approved Project - Project lead: (Insert name here)]

Something you would like made

If you have an idea for a project but how no idea how to make it and would like one of the other builders or redstone masters build it denote the title like one of the following

[Redstone Project]
[Design Project]
[Defense Project]

This will allow people to know the priority of the project or whether or not they need to look at it to help and once again include videos and/or pictures to support your project if there is any available.

Thank you for reading this post these rules apply through all sections of the forum and will be updated as the forum grows to accommodate needs of the forum




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